Rodan + Fields Skincare

Four years ago I realized two things: I needed quality skincare for help with fine lines, sun damage and sensitivity. And, I needed extra income. Enter Rodan +Fields.

I signed on as a consultant even before trying the products because I know they work – clinically proven results, a plethora of people’s personal results, and a triple-digit growth company growth rate over the last seven years proved it.

I had no IDEA how much I would love the products, my results, the business and the extra income!!!

The fact that my first paycheck was a nice car payment blew my mind. And, they’ve only grown since. Why? Because MEN, WOMEN and TEENS who use Rodan + Fields know it works!!! They receive pharmaceutical-grade skincare delivered right to their door with a 60-day empty bottle guarantee on everything. Our skincare offers clinically-proven results; we use a third-party, objective testing company; and all of our products are NOT tested on animals (PETA verified).

We are the only pharmaceutical-grade skincare available without a prescription which sets our results apart from every other cosmetic-grade, over-the-counter brand.

I LOVE my results, but what about the business?

I wasn’t sure if I had the time or energy to learn something new when I joined as a consultant. However, Rodan + Fields has such a simple and award-winning business model that seemed incredibly doable – so I took a leap of faith and have never looked back. Just 15-20 minutes a day grows the business.


The positive personal growth I have experienced has taken my family and me by surprise!! I am blessed to be part of a few of the most successful teams in this company. My husband says that he’d PAY for me to part of them because of the changes he’s seen in me. The kicker is that I get paid to be a part of them. Woohoo!

The friends I’ve made. The amazing changes in my skin. The opportunity to own my business and work it where, when and how I want to. The opportunity to help others reach their skincare goals and improve their quality of life. The residual income that has shocked me. I’m all in. Are you ready? Join my team! There are tons of support and training tools available. No one goes it alone. I love that. And, it’s fun!!!

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Every product and all of the business kits come with a 60-day empty bottle guarantee. Nothing to lose and great skin and huge financial opportunity to gain.

From the doctors who created Proactiv (which is sold in 100+ countries) comes Rodan + Fields skincare that launched in Canada Fall 2015 and will launch in Australia Fall 2016. See where this is going?

Fun fact, we pay zero dollars for advertising, yet we are featured in every major magazine and on television, in the press and all over social media.


Celebrities, men and women of every genre including famous actors, musicians, supermodels and even NASCAR drivers see the financial potential and have joined Rodan + Fields as consultants. They know the skincare industry is a $3.9 BILLION business in the U.S alone.

What would you do with an extra $xxx, x,xxx, xx,xxx, xxx,xxx every month?

Want to earn quick cash and a shopping spree without joining the business? I pay cash for referrals who order products and offer a shopping spree to my online store as a thank you gift when referrals sign on as active consultants in the U.S., Canada and Australia.  Email me below!


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