Bible Study

Do you wonder how having Christ in your life makes a difference in your daily life? Does the Christian faith affect how we work, think, speak, act, play, relate to others and view ourselves? If yes, then you’re in the right place.

This study is a free, copyrighted digital resource. Whether you have recently accepted Christ as Savior, or have been in church your whole life, but have not had a personal relationship with Him, or somewhere in between, this study is for you.

A non-denominational study, it is suitable for men and women in any stage of life high school age and older. It can be studied alone or in a group setting. Journey with us to follow Christ’s footsteps in every moment of lives.

A little background on this study – it took four years to compile and five years to prepare it to be released. We held a focus group of fourteen people: men and women; ages ranging from early 20’s to mid-70’s; in varying stages of life; and multiple Christian denominations. Two pastors have approved it. Two editors have scoured it. All of this to answer one call to write it.

It is a six-week study with five lessons per week. Take as long as you’d like to complete it. This study can be taken alone or in a group setting.

THANK YOU to all who have encouraged, supported, prayed for, prayed over, and helped make this study happen. We are eternally grateful. Please consider this study for yourself or someone you know who would benefit from taking it.

Jude 24-25. 

Download the bible study by clicking the link:

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