Blog post: Staring Down the Giant Danny Gokey’s song “Hope in front of me” gives us hope and a fresh perspective through the tough moments in life.  Great tune, too! (Gokey’s album: Hope in Front of Me)

Blog post: New Shoes Tenth Avenue North’s song “Healing Begins” is the perfect song for this post!  I’ve been humming it all morning, and hope it will be a blessing to you as well.  (Album: The Light Meets the Dark)

Blog post: Hands That Hold Tenth Avenue North’s song “By your side”  is such a great song for this post!!  Wow.  Check it out!  (Album: Over and Underneath)

Blog post: The Unexpected Gift Natalie Grant’s song “Your great name” is the only explanation for the surprising chain of events of this day. (Album: Love Revolution)

Blog post: I could… If you are looking for a song to encourage you in a difficult circumstance that reiterates hope, strength and a positive message, check out Kerrie Roberts’ song “No matter what” and Mandisa’s song, “He is with you.”  (Roberts’ album: Kerrie Roberts;  Mandisa’s album: Freedom)

Blog post: What a letter, a camera, and a car ride have in common  Matthew West gives us a song from his soul in “The motions” as he journeys with God.  May it be our song as well. (Album: Something to Say)

Blog post: Untangle the web of lies -eating, loss & labels BarlowGirl’s song “Enough” is a great way to thank God for who He is.  He is enough!  Love it!  (Album: Studio Series)

Blog post: Untangle the web of lies – guys & labels Johnny Diaz’s encouragement in his song “More beautiful you” are fresh words for a new beginning.  May today be that new beginning.  (Album: More Beautiful You)

Blog post: Untangle the web of lies – loss & labels Unless someone has walked in the shoes of a teenager who has suffered the loss of a parent, no one truly understands how complicated the aftermath can be for the teen left behind.  Plumb’s song “Hang on” meets the person where they are.  If you know of a teen going through family illness or death, get this song into their hands.  Sometimes, a simple act of care and kindness is enough to give the teen a reason to hang on for one more day. (Album: Beautiful History – A Hits Collection)

Blog post: Untangle the web of lies – fathers & daughters  Bethany Dillon shares a raw glimpse inside what many girls and women feel in her song, “Beautiful.”  Very powerful song. (Album: So Far…the Acoustic Sessions)

Blog post: Holy Week, Sunday Wahoo!  It’s a party today!  Are you celebrating?  Join Natalie Grant in her song, “Alive (Mary Magdalene)” and worship the risen Christ.  Also is Jeremy Camp’s song, “Jesus Saves” – we praise the only One who died and was raised from the dead to offer us the free gift of eternal life!  (Grant’s Album: Music Inspired by the Story; Camp’s Album: We Cry Out – The Worship Project).  Bust a move today because this is the day the Lord has made; we will rejoice and be glad in it!

Blog post: Holy Week, Saturday Todd Agnew’s song “Blood on my hands” is a raw look at the feelings and emotions connecting people to Christ’s crucifixion.  It is a powerful song that is very appropriate for the Resurrection season.  (Agnew’s album: Reflection of Something)

Believers wait in eager anticipation for tomorrow.  Those who have never trusted Christ as their Savior, and those who think they’ve strayed too far to be accepted back into God’s forgiving arms need to hear Natalie Grant’s song, “Your great name.”  We are reminded that salvation is not about who we are or what we’ve done…it’s about who Jesus Christ is and what He did for us.  (Grant’s album: Love Revolution)

Also, Hillsong Live’s song “Forever reign” invites us back to the Father’s arms who stand – no, they are running with the Father – to us.  Will you run to Him?  Let the words of this song soak into your heart and mind.  Will you say His name, believe all that it is, run to Him and praise Him as your Savior today?  (Hillsong’s album: A Beautiful Exchange – Live)

Blog post: Holy Week, Friday Todd Agnew’s song, “My Jesus” is raw look at Jesus through the lens of the world and in the eyes of those who call Him Savior.  Laura Story tells of God’s power to save in her song, “Mighty to save.”  Take time today to reflect on who Jesus is and what He did, in full submission and because of His obedience to God and His never-ending love for us.  (Agnew’s album: Reflection of Something.  Story’s album: Great God Who Saves)

Blog post: Holy Week, Thursday God’s mercy is new every day.  What holds us back from accepting it?  Todd Agnew’s song, “Grace like rain” gives us an opportunity to take a fresh look at God’s grace and mercy toward us, as well as the sacrifice Jesus made to make it possible.  Brenton Brown’s song “Our God is mercy” encourages us to seek God’s mercy and reminds us that God is mercy.  (Agnew’s album: Grace Like Rain Brown’s album: Our God is Mercy)

Blog post: Holy Week, Wednesday Immerse yourself in the holiness of God.  Approach Him with a fresh vision of who He is.  Matt Redman’s song, “Facedown” pushes out the world and brings us into priceless intimacy with God.  Likewise, Phillips, Craig & Dean usher us into God’s holiness with their song, “Revelation Song.”  Join me in an attitude of holy worship today.  (Matt Redman’s album: Facedown; Phillips, Craig & Dean’s album: Fearless)

Blog post: Holy Week, Tuesday We’re thinking about how great is God’s love, and Tenth Avenue North’s song, “Love is here” totally jams this tune with Holy Week this week and reminds us that no matter where we are in life, God has always been right here – and is here right now.  Sit back.  Relax.  Crank up the stereo.  Open your heart to receive God’s love for you today.  (Album: Over and Underneath)

Blog post:  Chasing the acorn Jamie Grace’s song “You Lead” is a fun, upbeat cry of my heart for God, who knows best, to lead every day of my life.  I hope it encourages you as much as it does me! 🙂  (Album: One Song at a Time)

Blog post: Spittin’ image  A little encouragement goes a long way.  Jeremy Camp offers his song, “There will be a day,” as a great reminder of better things to come for those who believe.  (Album: I Still Believe)

Blog post: Hope blooms Sometimes we get so caught up in the “now” that we lose sight of what is to come.  Our lives are a work in progress; a masterpiece in the making.  Francesca Battistelli’s song “Beautiful, Beautiful” is an inspiring reminder that God is our craftsman, and He is always at work in our lives.  Likewise, MercyMe’s, “Beautiful,” sings the Truth of how God sees us and how we should see ourselves.  Enjoy a moment to remember who you are and who you are becoming. You are precious in His sight.  (Battistelli’s album: My Paper Heart ; MercyMe’s album: The Generous Mr. Lovewell)

Blog post: Who needs grace?  Have you had a day where you, or someone else, made you feel like you just didn’t measure up?  Was it a day that you had actually tried really hard to make an effort?  Tenth Avenue North’s song, “You Are More” brings us back to the Truth that circumstance does not define us.  Let the words of this song wash over you today.  (Album: Light Meets the Dark)

Blog post: Someone lost a bet – I want to gently suggest the song “Someone worth dying for” by MIKESCHAIR.  If you are struggling with believing you are priceless; that the God of the universe created you for His pleasure and delights in you; or that your past or present somehow makes you less important than everyone else – listen to this song.  If your marriage is hanging by a thread, and you don’t think you can’t stand it one more day, pause and look at yourself through the eyes of Christ.  When you see that you are beautiful, unique, wanted, loved – then perhaps there is potential to see those qualities in your marriage.  God hasn’t given up on your spouse, your marriage, or you.  Just give Him a chance to tell you. (Album: A Beautiful Life)

Have you ever heard a song that instantly gets you movin’?  If you are looking for a song that puts a groove to your step and a smile on your face, check out “Move” by MercyMe.  I just love this song!  There’s a lot of songs out there that are upbeat, but not all have a truly positive message to boot.  This song has both!  Thanks MercyMe.  Keeping running your race strong.  Love it!  (Album: The Generous Mr. Lovewell)

Lindsay McCaul’s song “Say My Name”  is real, honest and sings what many of us don’t know how to say. Pain, regret, replays – they distract our focus, drain our energy and depress our optimism.  Walking in the freedom of God’s grace and Christ’s love gives us the freedom to trust new paths, move forward in faith, and experience joy that only comes from the Lord.  Thank you, Lindsay, for a healing, empowering, and encouraging song. (Album: If It Leads Me Back)

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    • Thank you for visiting my blog and for your huge compliment! (she blushes) I hope it will live up to such inspiring words. I appreciate you taking the time to write. Have a great day!

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    • I am so happy you have stopped by and am thankful you have found encouragement on this blog. Your kind words are an encouragement to me! To God be the glory for the things He is doing. Hope you will stop by again! Please thank your cousin for me for recommending my blog. 🙂

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