Deep in the garden…

It’s always an amazing sight when winter gives way to spring. All kinds of activity begins to pop up in our backyard! I thought I’d share some highlights. Like fishermen and their stories of the one that got away, I can’t seem to catch the super fast chipmunks! They are so cute, but quick! If I ever capture one on camera, I’ll share it in Deep in The Garden II.

One of the best things about all of the hullabaloo going on back there is the friends that share our passion. The kids love to romp and stomp and explore. Our friends have a family of foxes living under their shed that we hope to see before the pups grow up. It’s just so fun to watch the children appreciate God’s creation. I hope they never outgrow a love for nature.  I haven’t!

He thought he fooled us hiding on the green leaves. Nope – we spotted him!  Gotcha!

One of my all-time favorite flowers. Wish they bloomed year round!

This little bunny eats our weeds – yeah! But, she also eats our strawberries and some flowers. Hopefully the blackberries are out of reach.

These baby Robins are so cute! Their mama takes great care of them constantly flying to and from with lots of juicy worms.

A creative way to experience an earth worm. No worms were harmed in the making of this photo 🙂

A good rain is a welcome friend to any garden.

Meet Big Bull. He is a huge green frog that has taken up residence in our small pond. He cracks us up! All day he sits with his head peeking out croaking and calling and strutting his bad little stuff. Then, the minute we get even remotely close, his chicken self comes out and he dives into the water. It took me many tries to get this photo. A zoom lens did the trick, finally.

This little friend was relaxing under grey clouds and a cool breeze. It wasn’t afraid of us at all!  Beautiful.

Baby Robins!

Can’t enough juicy worms!

Okay, overlook the gross factor and this is pretty cool. I captured a snail laying eggs on the pond pump. We don’t see that every day!

The little booger!

Meet Percy and Mr. Toady. They were indoor pets until we couldn’t keep up with their huge appetites! Once, we had a cricket fiasco where a fresh batch got loose in the house. Oh my! They are a local species, so we set them free in our pond and they’ve been there ever since – and much happier being free I’m sure.

I got a little creative with the praying mantis hanging around one day.

A nest of Robin’s eggs

I look forward to these blooming every year

Trying my hand at growing tulips

An inchworm, affectionately named “Inchy” that the kids caught on camera.  Just cruisin’ along doing its thing.

Have a great day discovering God’s mysteries!

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