Sunday Driver!!

Hello!  I’ve missed writing the past two days.  They have been crazy busy, but very productive!  Today I am simply basking in the goodness of God. There are times in life when it’s hurried and harried.  That has been my normal for a while.  Today, not so.  Just relaxing and enjoying the scenery.  As I catch my breath, thought I’d write a thank-you list to God.  The Giver of all good things…

I am thankful today for:

* God’s attention to detail.  Everything really does matter to Him.

* A husband who is looking forward to dinner with me tonight – even after 22 years.

* My dear friend who gave us a dinner date tonight by wanting all of my kids for the evening!

* Children who love their mamma.  🙂

* Friends who have my back, and I theirs.

* Sleep. (It is far underrated!)

* Fun!  So enjoyed having a house full last night for a good time.

* Answered prayer.  Miracles still happen!

* Redemption – yes, of my spirit through Christ, but also in ways only God knows about and tends to…happened just yesterday.

* Hard work.  It feels good to sweat and flex my muscles.

* Laughter.  A good, long laugh cleanses the soul.

* The thousands of ways God has shown me today He loves me and knows my name.

His blessings are all around us.  Are we looking for them?

When I slow down, I notice more of His abundant blessings, because like barreling down the highway, when racing through life our peripheral is blurred.  But, the slower the car, the more clearly we see everything.  So glad to slow down and notice His presence, His peace and His care.  It’s a beautiful sight.  Today, I’m the Sunday driver who is fine to let other cars pass by, and maybe even honk at me.  I’ll let the wind mess up my hair, the sun shine on my face, and the radio drown out the honking.  Ha!

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