Tangible God

Freely you have received; freely give. ~ Matthew 10:8

Okay, so I knew the new school year would be an adjustment, but seriously, I think I haven’t exhaled in weeks.  Things are moviv’ and shakin’ but at times I’m having a hard time keeping pace.

Which leads me to today.  I had a small pocket of time to take care of an annoying problem with my minivan.  The problem is non-essential to driving, but I notice it every time I drive.  So after a month, I finally bit the bullet and drove clear across town to the dealership to have them fix it.  The dealership is extremely out of my way, but I seized the opportunity nonetheless.

The auto mechanics ushered me right away into the large bay and walked to my window.  I told them about the problem, and one of the men added, “Do you know you have a taillight out?  That’s a ticket you probably don’t want to get.  It’s $5 to buy a bulb from us and we can fix it right now.”

Oh!  Okay.  I didn’t know I had a taillight out.  Ironically, when I told the same man about the problem I came for, OF COURSE the problem had resolved itself.  Doesn’t that figure!  I immediately thought to myself, “You mean, I drove all the way out here just to find out the problem has somehow mysteriously vanished?’

I bought the bulb.  They installed it.  $6.67 and about 8 minutes later I’m driving away.  The radio was on as a woman recounted how the person in front of her at a fast food drive-thru paid for her meal.  This act of God-led kindness really impacted her and her tight budget.  She said, “It’s like God was saying, ‘Don’t worry Little One, I’ve got you covered.'”

As soon as she said that, a huge lump swelled in my throat and tears welled.  The part of her story that touched me was that God showed up in an unexpected, tangible way and blessed her heart.

“I wish something like that would happen for me today,” I thought to myself.

“It just did,” God replied.

Just then, I realized that God didn’t nudge me to go to the dealership to fix a silly problem that didn’t need fixing.  He sent me there to get my light fixed – a problem I didn’t even know I had.  And yes, a ticket for that would be most unwelcome in my life at this moment.

He sent me there and gave me awesome customer service with the nicest two men – no waiting and the cost was under $7.  Talk about the royal treatment!

And, we are royalty.  We are children of the King.  He was taking care of His Little One today.  Had He not connected the dots for me, my gratitude would have stayed silent.

When I reached my next destination, a large store with difficult parking, I was very excited to find a parking spot right at the door.  As I waited for the man to pull out of it, I noticed an elderly man in the car behind me waiting to turn down the same aisle.  I was almost giddy that my great spot meant I’d be in and out even quicker…until God gave me His perspective.

“Remember what I just did for you?” He asked.  Yes, it had happened just moments prior and I was thankful for His mercy and grace that He made my life easier without me even realizing it.

“Pass it on,” He said.

“So, You want me to give this awesome parking spot to the elderly man behind me, right?”


“But, God, You know how much I am in a hurry.”


“And, God. You understand how rare it is to get this close of a spot, right?”


“But, You still want me to do this…”


“Okay,” I replied.  And, once I got my eyes off of myself for a just a second, I was thrilled for the opportunity to bless this elderly man.  As I drove down the aisle, looking for another rare parking spot, I glanced in my rear-view mirror to see his reaction.

This frustrated, tired old man, waiting behind me as he blocked traffic to turn down the aisle after me, watched me as I drove right by the empty spot.  He looked at me – looked at the spot – and looked at me again.  He was totally bewildered, and pulled into the best spot in the parking lot slowly – as if he wasn’t sure he should.

I pulled into my new spot with a big grin on my face.  God was tangible to the woman in the drive-thru through someone else listening to His nudge; so she took the time to call the radio station and tell her story; which helped me hear from God that He saved me a ticket from an unknown problem; and because of all of this I was convicted to pass on the blessing.  I wonder if that man did the same?

God is so good.  He is generous and kind.  He knows what we need – even if we don’t.  I love Him.

How have you been a part of His great love story for the world today?  How has He shown His endless love for you?  If you don’t know, ask Him.  He’s got a million ways to tell you.

2 thoughts on “Tangible God

  1. Glad you are back…..missed you! God must have been in His “I’ve got you covered” mode this week ’cause He blessed me, too.

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