I woke up this morning with such an overwhelming sense of urgency.  In addition to getting the kids to school time, I wanted to know how my husband is doing after sustaining injuries from a 20 foot fall yesterday.

I also desperately wanted to know:

* what our country looked like after Sandy invaded a third of it through the night

* that all of our family in Sandy’s path, spanning 3 states, is okay

* updates on the election season

* how my friends are whose freshman son died over the weekend

* how my foot surgeon is doing after having an emergency quadrupedal bypass only 2 weeks after my surgery!!

* how my young hairdresser is doing after her mom died of a massive heart attack less than two weeks ago

* how my sweet step niece is fairing after having twins just weeks ago and then developed blood clots in her lungs and legs

* how is my ever-recovering foot doing today – any better at all?

However, before I turned on my pc, tuned in to my tv or checked my iPhone for texts, a giant pause sat on my soul.  I was anxious, nervous, a little fearful, and eager to get updates on so much happening.  But, this pause wouldn’t let me go.

I was absolutely drawn to spend time with God first.  Just let me check this or tend to that, please? I asked Him.  Not yet, He replied.  I ought to know better, but sometimes life throws so many curve balls I feel like I’m ducking and weaving just to not get hit.  I wanted to get updates regarding so many extraordinary things, but God reminded me that I need His filter through which to perceive them.

I need His eyes to see, ears to hear, and His heart to comprehend the magnitude of such unbelievable events.  Without His wisdom and discernment, dare I make decisions based on my finite knowledge.  With His love and mercy I can open up my heart and allow compassion to flow to whoever needs it.  Through His perspective, everything everything looks different.

Spending time with God first thing in the morning – before electronics even – prepares us for the day ahead.  After all, we don’t know what the next 24 hours holds, but we know the One who does.

On my own, I get overcome by emotions and circumstances.  With God, I realize all over again that He sustains this world we share.

Putting on the armor of God, Ephesians 6:10-19, allows me to gear up spiritually for whatever may come my way.  Without it, I am unarmored.  Spiritually naked.  Vulnerable.  I am left to battle life in my own strength.  Living unfiltered is dangerous for believers.  It causes raw data to flood our minds and hearts without God’s vision in which to  frame it. We are unprepared to live the life of victory Jesus called us to in John 10:10 when the under toe of life tries to sweep us away.  With it, Philippians 4:13 it my battle cry, I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me!

So why is it soooo hard to stop and spend time with God?  Why does my flesh and spirit wrestle against each other in this?  When I am trigger-happy with the pc or iPhone, it boils down to control.  I want to know something so I can choose how to react.  But God’s way is, Spend time with Me first, then you will know how to respond.

What does this world look like through our eyes?  What does it look like through God’s eyes?  Two very different views.  One is holy, perfect and timeless.  The other’s is sinful, skewed and lasts a mere breath.

As much as I wanted to go to news reporters, email, voicemail, texts and articles, God drew me to Himself first.  I’m so glad He did.  Like running a race dehydrated, our spirits need a daily infusion of God.  We need His Holy Spirit to filter everything we are about to see, hear and experience.  It’s for our own protection and for His glory.

With news rapidly changing, both personal and national, God’s filter is the best way to handle it all.  It may not answer all of our questions about why things happen, but it gives us faith and hope that one day we will know and understand – and grants us sustainable peace in the meantime.

Peace to you today,


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