You might need a break if…

You know those technically antiquated movies where robots show signs of short circuiting by parts springing off and smoke rising from their heads?  Think I’ve hit that point.  In the past couple of days:

* I was reading a newspaper’s sale flyer that was lying open on my laptop keyboard. To turn the page, I found myself using my pc’s mouse and couldn’t figure out why the page wasn’t scrolling down.

* The other night, I tried to turn off my bedside lamp with the tv remote control.

* I had Christmas shopping on my mind when someone said hello to me.  I replied, Merry Christmas! (Yep, it’s November.)

* Drove, parked, and walked up to a store with a bulky basket to return.  I was ecstatic that I took control to get this return over with once and for all.  After limping my way with this large item through the parking lot, upon the store’s  threshold, I realized I was at the completely wrong store.

* Went to wrap my nephew’s Christmas present that I bought early and was quite pleased about being so on the ball this year.  Can’t find it anywhere in the house.  I’m a victim of over-organizing myself – AGAIN!  It’ll turn up sometime in January.

* Went card shopping with my husband while we were out running errands and, caught up in a moment of hyper-practicality, I didn’t even realize I was combing the husband card section until he walked over to me and said, So, did you pick me out a good one?  Caught red-handed!  Ot’s embarrassing even after all these years of being married.

*Stood in the middle of the card store with an armload of greeting cards.  I was quite proud of myself for being so organized.  Got home and realized I forgot to buy the ONE card I went there for.

* I was at the dentist, lounging in the hard, plastic bark-o-loungers they make people lay down in to clean their teeth.  While waiting for the dentist, I accidentally fell asleep.  He came in and woke me by saying, “Hope I’m not interrupting your nap!”  I jumped sky-high out of that chair, but couldn’t remember my name or where I was.  There was no way to fake it. :O

* I left the house in a tizzy to pick up my child for a dentist appointment.  Called the school to have early dismissal all set when I got there.  Got stuck in major morning rush hour.  Called the dentist to let them know we were running late while sitting in a sea of cars.  The dentist’s office said there was no appointment, that I had already rescheduled it.  Really???  I have no recollection.  Called school back to get 2nd message to child.  Crossed 3 lanes of congested traffic to make a major u-turn at the light and came home.  Sheesh.  All of that for nothing – and no memory of it.

* Perhaps I’ll share the best for last.  I was typing on the computer, fussing with the surgical shoe on my foot, and was on the phone trying to verify an appointment all at the same time.  (I can’t believe I’m sharing this.)  Anyhow, the lady and I got the appointment straight and I wanted to either reply with, “Just wanted to make sure this appointment didn’t fall through the cracks,” or “Just wanted to make sure it wasn’t my oversight.”  INSTEAD, because I was doing too many things at once – in a hurry – I accidentally combined thoughts, got tongue-tied, and said, “Just want to make sure it didn’t fall in my crack.”  It’s a VERY GOOD THING my mom taught me to laugh at myself.

And to think that’s only the past few days.  Do they still sell Calgon???  <<sigh>>

7 thoughts on “You might need a break if…

  1. Oh my gosh Kristi! This was hilarious! Pretty sure though you must be following me around and writing about my typical day! LOL!!!! Don’t feel spazzed out. This is so normal for an overloaded brain! What’s sad is when my dreams reflect this kind of chaotic lifestyle. They always have to do with losing something, endlessly searching for something, rushing to get somewhere or getting lost. I’d like to say this is just temporary….. but if it’s anything like my life then I’m pretty sure it’s your ‘new norm’. LOL
    Love ya my friend!

    • Girl, I wish I could say this was unique, but it’s a day in the life these days. 🙂 Gotta just roll with the punches. Your dreams…something is unsettled in your life? Feeling like something is out of your control? Dreams like that make us more tired when we wake up than when we went to sleep! :O Here’s to better sleep tonight…

  2. And your other mother is laughing hysterically…..I’m going through this again, now taking the “Estrogen reducer meds.” It’s part of the joy of being in your 40″s. It does get better but sometimes the laughs are worth experiencing. Love you and can’t wait to see you. MOM

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