Inspiration in an unexpected place


Picking up the house, I made my usual way to the breakfast table/homework station. Scattered across it were pencils left behind by my kiddos from last night’s homework brigade.  As I scooped them up, I stopped and looked at them.

All of the erasers were worn off.

My first response was that I needed to buy eraser heads.  Oh, but that was too easy of a thought.

I stared at the pencils in my hand and thought about the hours my children put into their work.  Sometimes they are elated with mastering an academic concept, but other times they are so frustrated they want to quit.

But at least they try.

I, on the other hand, keep my dreams and ambitions locked away.  I fill my days with busywork.  It’s productive on the outside alright, but inside, it’s a shallow use of time.

There are projects that sit at the tip of the finish line, but never quite cross it.  Dreams that turn to ideas, but then fizzle at the reality of all they encompass.  Out-of-the-box stuff I’d love to give a go, if only I’d try.

Why not?

The typical.  Fear of failure and fear of success.  Both lame.  Both logical in their own right.

So the eraserless pencils are my motivation today to try anyway – no matter how strong those fears scoff.

I am inspired by my kids and they have no idea because they are busy trying their best and don’t see their mom standing in the background wishing she could be more like them.

To them, a wrong answer simply means another try.

I want to embrace the innocence of hope.  The resilience of 10th, 15th and 26th chances. The ability to accept frustration over a fail and not take it so personally.

My erasers stay pink and pretty because they are not used enough.  They are not used enough because I’m not willing to take the risks that make the magnificent happen in life.

That is changing.  There is a new person emerging these days.  A bolder soul who believes the cost is higher to not try at all than to try and fail.

My friend, Ann, gave a great reason today to turn away from excuses and get going – because we can.  She’s right!  Oh what we take for granted.

I’m excited to see what can happen – if only we will try.

One thought on “Inspiration in an unexpected place

  1. Thanks Sweetie…….I have ALWAYS needed someone with a big boot to remind me of this ……… and he’s not here to encourage me…so thanks for stepping into his role even though your boots are much smaller… you…..Mom

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