Happy Selah Day!

The word selah, used repeatedly in the book of Psalms, is a Hebrew word and has a few different meanings.  Among them, it is a musical reference meaning to pause, think, stop & listen.

I like to think of Sunday, the Sabbath, as my selah day.  My peeps and I try to keep Sundays as a day of rest.  It’s hard to resist the urge to be productive as a homeowner, mother, etc.; and as someone who has a difficult time sitting still in the first place because there is always a million things to do.  But, it is one of the 10 Commandments, so we try, though not always successful, to pause and have a day of rest.  It is a time to listen to what God is saying to us without the noise of everyday work drowning out His voice.  A time for contemplation.

As a result, on Sundays, my blog will also take a day of rest.  Writing, to me, is like an itch that never feels fully scratched.  I love to write and communiate with the world.  But, for Sundays, I will rest and rejuvenate.

Today, join me in simply being.  Not doing.  Going to church helps set us in the frame of mind for resting in Him.  Take a nap, walk the dog, play with your kids, enjoy a hobby, get crazy and take two naps! – whatever is truly restful to you.  We all know that our work isn’t going anywhere, so mind as well make it wait, if at all possible, on us for a change. 🙂

I’ll be back on Monday and hope you will be, too!

Have a great selah day,


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