Ready or not, here I come!

I took a “fieldtrip” to Target today.  Just to get out of the house was so nice!  Bruce and I had just a little time to complete our short list.  All the while, I’m scooting around in their complimentary electronic shopping carts/chairs.  These are nifty!

Hopefully no one judges my car driving by my scooter driving.  I can’t seem to master u-turns and sharp corners in these things.  I got myself quite tangled up in the clothing department when my back wheel caught a rack of clothes and I began to drag the entire rack behind me.

At one point, I drug my boot leg out of the scooter and tried to physically get the scooter turned around right, but evidentially those suckers don’t move unless in gear.  I was trapped in a solo game of bumper cars, and all that ran through my mind was You break it – you bought it!

Bruce thought my folly was hilarious.  Thanks, Honey.

When I put it in reverse, it was heard all over the store.  Seriously, it sounded like an 18-wheeler had pulled into the pain reliever aisle.  At one point, I turned my head around and saw Bruce videoing me on his phone – Facebook Baby!

I think not.

Purchases in hand, we headed to checkout.  Very short on time, I quickly scanned for the shortest line.  I saw a potential checkout lane and zoomed (literally) toward it.  I think these scooters have a secret turbo boost.  Suddenly, a new, stealth like checkout opened up!  Hurrah!

I looked up at the cashier and asked if she was open.  Yes!  I made a sharp turn to the left, then right, and I made it.

Bruce said, Man, you just cut off the lady behind you!

No…I didn’t. * awkward pause * Is there really someone behind me (too embarrassed to look)?

Yep.  And you just cut her off big time.

Oops!  I didn’t mean to!  (The rule-follower in me wagged her finger at me in shame.)

I think it’s awesome! he replied.  I’m proud of you!

He’s such a goofball.  No, we don’t make a habit out of cutting people off in line at checkout.  I just think my man didn’t believe I had it in me (whether I meant to do it or not).

I’m such a rebel.

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