A little Christmas humor for the day

I have been baking up a storm this week for teachers and neighbors.  Today, while making pumpkin bread, I thought I’d jazz it up a little.  I used some Christmasy baking tins in evergreen and gingerbread shapes.  Then, I added fresh cranberries for a festive splash.

When I pulled them out of the oven and dumped them upside down on the baking rack, I was speechless!

It looks as though I not only caught the Gingerbread Man, but killed him, too!!!

Can I actually give these away?

Another one of your great ideas, Kristi, she says, laughing at herself.

Poor gingerbread men.  I’m going to rethink my creative plan for the rest of the batch…

8 thoughts on “A little Christmas humor for the day

    • Thanks! The tart cranberry added a lot to the pumpkin bread, but I chickened out and gave them to my family for breakfast. Probably no one would have seen what I saw, but it was just a little too disturbing to give as gift. 🙂

  1. Too funny! I nearly fell off my chair laughing when I saw that picture after reading the blog. I’m sure they were delicious, but it did look like a Gingerbread war had occurred!

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