Film released!

Today I am giving a shout out to an awesome documentary that you have to see to believe.  I mentioned it several months ago in a blog post when we saw the premiere in June, but the film wasn’t released until October.

I highly recommend this film, Father of Lights.  It is the 3rd in a trilogy, but each film stands on its own.  Click here for the link.

It is less expensive to buy it via Wanderlust Production’s site (founded by Darren Wilson) versus Amazon, surprisingly enough!

This film is family-friendly for middle schoolers and up (in my opinion).  View trailer here.

If you want to see with your own eyes the power of God move in people’s lives – all over the world – and witness what only He can do, check out this film!  There are 2 versions – a 90 minute for $20 and a deluxe edition for $45 which includes over 11 hrs of outtakes.  There are also options for digital downloads that are discounted as well as buying the music for the film.

My only reason for promoting this film is because it was extremely encouraging so see God moving mightily in this world despite all of the news of world problems.  I walked away with a revived hope and fresh faith that no matter what the headlines may say, and who thinks they are in charge of what, God is most definitely still on the throne and He is sovereign above all, and I want the same encouragement for you!

Father of Lights is a great way to begin the new year.  A word of caution…you will never be the same again after seeing this film.  Are you in?

photo courtesy via Robby Dawkins

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