I accidentally pranked myself on Halloween!

In life, if given the choice to laugh or cry, you gotta laugh.

So I’m on the phone today with my beloved sister-in-law, one of my best friends. We’re catching up for a long time when I realize I really had to go to the bathroom. You know when you can’t stand up straight? Too many glasses of water too fast.

Instead of ending the call, I asked her to hold on. Okay, I wouldn’t do this with just anyone. It has to be someone whose already seen me at best and worst. She qualifies. 🙂

I set the phone down, hit mute and well, you know…

All the while I’m thinking, Why can I hear her so well? (She was cleaning her house while we talked.)

Once I was all set, I went to retrieve my phone when I noticed the MOST embarrassing thing – I had hit the wrong button!

Yep, I didn’t hit MUTE, I had hit SPEAKER!

Oh. My. Word.

Then I had to decide if I should say something or not.

Choosing to laugh about it I said, Well, didn’t you get more than you bargained for!!!

She laughed her head off, too.

I said, With most other people I’d be mortified. I’m so glad it was you, but you’re probably not. 😉

So there’s my accidental prank on myself.

Happy Halloween!!!!!!

Seasonal fun!

While gathering supplies to “BOO” our neighbors, I searched online for a printable poem to use.  Our family views Halloween as a community outreach – a time to connect and reconnect with neighbors – without the gore, spirituality, or darkness that accompanies this holiday.

I couldn’t find any poem that DIDN’T mention ghosts, ghouls  goblins, witches or spells.  Sooo, I wrote a quick one myself.  Thought I’d post it here in case you are looking for a similar poem.  Happy Fall! ~ Kristi

Autumn is crisp and leaves keep falling

When you didn’t see, we came calling.

In this season of tricks or treats

We’ve left you tasty sweets to eat.

Ding dong…knock, knock, knock,

You’ve been BOOed so start the clock.

Pick two neighbors you can boo

It’s such an easy thing to do.

Remember as the temperatures fall,

Your neighbors think the world of ya’ll!

Yours truly,

Secret Boo

Also, I found great printable pages that are creative and fun to print and use for BOOing.  A great time saver!  Great job, Heather! Click here

And here is another creative sight for printing treat bag tags – click here!