I accidentally pranked myself on Halloween!

In life, if given the choice to laugh or cry, you gotta laugh.

So I’m on the phone today with my beloved sister-in-law, one of my best friends. We’re catching up for a long time when I realize I really had to go to the bathroom. You know when you can’t stand up straight? Too many glasses of water too fast.

Instead of ending the call, I asked her to hold on. Okay, I wouldn’t do this with just anyone. It has to be someone whose already seen me at best and worst. She qualifies. 🙂

I set the phone down, hit mute and well, you know…

All the while I’m thinking, Why can I hear her so well? (She was cleaning her house while we talked.)

Once I was all set, I went to retrieve my phone when I noticed the MOST embarrassing thing – I had hit the wrong button!

Yep, I didn’t hit MUTE, I had hit SPEAKER!

Oh. My. Word.

Then I had to decide if I should say something or not.

Choosing to laugh about it I said, Well, didn’t you get more than you bargained for!!!

She laughed her head off, too.

I said, With most other people I’d be mortified. I’m so glad it was you, but you’re probably not. 😉

So there’s my accidental prank on myself.

Happy Halloween!!!!!!